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Self Closing Garbage Can

This is a sensational mini trash can for folks who have a car, it can close quickly and easily. Plus, it needs no fixing or attention to clean, this can be a first-class addition to your car.

Closed Garbage Can

This is an 7 inch self-closing mini trash can for car vehicles, it provides a lid that closes to a low sealant for protection against spotty grass and other garbage. 7 inch self-closing mini trash can be is a top-rated alternative for folks who have a small yard or who require quick garbage collection or who have a constant flow of garbage, this is an exceptional accessory for your car! It opens and closes easily, so there's no need to open the can and clean the inside. It's a mini trash can that can be attached to your car's window or surface, this 7 inch self-closing mini trash can be exceptional for keeping your trash out of the ground and on your porch. The lid is also to close quickly and easily, this can be sensational for keeping your garbage in one place and making it more manageable. This mini trash can be excellent for use in your car! It grants a sturdy lid that closes easily with an 7-inch keystone opener, the can be as well effortless to clean - just rinse and clean the interior with soap and water. This self-closing garbage can be a top-rated alternative to improve your car's clean up area.