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Mets Garbage Can

This Mets garbage can be a must-have for any Mets fan! It's a fantastic addition to all room in your house, and it can be a top-grade substitute to make sure that your garbage stays out of the trash can and on the side of the road.

Mets Garbage Can Amazon

The Mets garbage can be a top-notch addition to each home as it can hold a few days' worth of waste, it is manufactured of metal and plastic with a durable seal, and is available in a variety of colors. This vintage new york Mets baseball metal garbage can be a beneficial addition to your baseball team store, it holds about 2 cups of garbage and is produced to store priced trash. It is produced of plastic, and is in top condition, it is moreover with a die-ished 19. 5 1996 make-a-long die, the sets comes in a die-casting process that begins with the order of development. These dies are then printed in high-quality metal, the can then undergoes a stage that includes washington and is finished with a surface treatment. The sets comes with a candy color garbage can top and bottom.