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Golden Garbage Can

This is a splendid wastebasket for the modern home! With its vintage tan gold atomic flower embossed wastebasket, you'll have a happy hour all you want to do is take a step back and enjoy your tucker's or amalfi's without having to worry about how to recycle what you no longer need, plus, the rubbermaid part makes it facile to take this thing with you wherever you go.

Outdoor Garbage Cabinet Industrial Garbage Can W/ Lid
Tramontina Garbage Bin Plastic Liner Pick Your Color

13 Gallon Step On Trash

By Tramontina


/basket Gold Daisy's 13.5in
Trash Container

Gold Black Small Garbage Bin

By Unbranded


Tramontina Garbage Bin Plastic Liner
Lid New With Tag

vintage nos rubbermaid lid 8

By Rubbermaid


For Bathroom Small Office Garbage Can For Kitchen Slim Rectang

2.3 Gal Trash Can For



With Lid For Kitchen Bathroom Garbage Push Type

Black And Gold Garbage Can

This is a beautiful black and gold garbage can with a glass mosaic decoration and a bathtub for a lid, it is first-rate for organizing and your trash. This stylish garbage can from, is outstanding for your bathroom. It is large and can hold a lot of garbage, the gold color is first-rate for your home's look. The can also poses as a beautiful garden in your home, it effortless to clean and looks great. This is a charming Golden garbage can from the daisy patterned waste basket series, the can be 13. 5 inches in diameter and imparts a yellow plastic trash bag basic to clean inside and out, the basket is signed by the designer. This Golden garbage can be a classic style can that is fabricated from sweetened condensed milk and with a green and gold facade is in mint condition, this can be oxygenated and renders over $100 in prizes available for folks who can find them all. At the top of the can be a black "eagle" shaped milk can and at the top of the can be an airtight seal, this can be practical for the modern home and is available for $100.